Executive Function Crash Course


In This Course You Will Learn:

Practical, easy-to-implement strategies to help your child move from prompt dependence toward independence.
You'll learn how to help your child to -

  • Feel time and transition from preferred to non-preferred tasks
  • Develop motivation to persevere through things they find boring
  • Clean their room independently and more

Once you have these strategies in place, your home life will become more manageable, and you'll be able to help your child build skills and recognize how capable they are.

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What Parents Just Like You Say

"I have been following you for a while now. I just have to say that your videos and classes have seriously saved our life with our 4th grader. You are clear and concise and give excellent advice that has really helped our family. I am so excited for your new things coming up. All such good stuff!"

"What I appreciate about you most is you tell exactly what needs to be done. I've learned so much over the years about WHY my son struggles but I feel no one can tell me what specifically I need to do in order to help him. You give clear, tangible practices...I feel like I've been screaming for someone to just tell me what it is I need to do. Very, very excited about all of it."

"Your webinar on language and executive function was so good. I'm such a tough customer (I don't say that proudly- I've just seen so much crap n my years of teaching and parenting). You're the real deal."

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