In-Person Programs For Boys and Young Men With ADHD in Phoenix, Arizona

Guys Group: 5th - 7th and 8th-9th grades (separate programs)

Guy’s Group is a fun, active program for boys diagnosed with ADHD.

During Guy’s Group, we play games, watch educational videos, and learn strategies to address challenges common among boys with ADHD. A significant focus is decided to building and sustaining friendships.

Optional trips during school vacation days are also part of the Guy’s Group experience. Guy’s Group is not a “social skills group”; the research evidence shows that traditional social skills groups are ineffective for kids with ADHD. Guy’s Group has been presented at the International Conference on ADHD.

Program Tuition: TBA (Please note there are no discounts or pro-rated tuition for missed sessions.)
Program Time: Beginning fall 2024, please add yourself to the Phoenix mailing list for information.
Program Location: (To be announced upon opening of Phoenix office)

The Guy’s Group curriculum is informed by research data on ADHD, boys mental health and medically accurate information. Opinions, values or ideologies are not taught in Guy’s Group ( aside from treating all people with respect.) Families of all faiths and beliefs are welcome to participate in Guy's Group.

Our in-person school-year programs will start in Phoenix, Arizona in the fall. 

We do not offer virtual programs for kids and do not recommend them. 

Phoenix area families should join our Phoenix mailing list to be notified about upcoming programs.

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Guys Group Topics

  • Perspective-Taking (Understanding other's thoughts & how you come across to others)
  • Improving situational awareness ("reading a room")
  • Learning how to go from school friends to outside-of-school friends
  • Showing interest in others & having reciprocal conversations
  • Learning how to be flexible to be part of a peer group
  • Using social media/electronic communication appropriately
  • Understanding personal responsibility in sustaining friendships
  • Getting over social anxiety in new social situations
  • Understanding common mental health issues amongst boys their age and how to ask for help
  • Puberty & hygiene social expectations
  • The problems with pornography and its detrimental effect on boys

Please note that ADHD Dude programs cannot provide a level of support for boys who:

  • Have an autism spectrum diagnosis
  • Require a paraprofessional (1:1 or 2:1) with them during the school day
  • Are in self-contained emotional support/behavioral classrooms for the majority of the school day
  • Attend cyber school for the majority of the school day
  • Are unmedicated despite exhibiting regular impulsivity or emotional dysreguation
  • Are prone to physical aggression with peers when upset or angry
  • Have a propensity to be negative when anxious in social situations